Transit information 

Essential information if you're transferring between flights at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

It is simple when you know how!

How much time?

Your connection time depends on your route, airline and whether you need to pick up baggage or change terminals.
If you book a through-ticket with an airline or travel agent, your airline will generally quote a minimum connection time.

However, if you booked your flights separately, these minimum connection times don't apply.
You should allow extra time to clear baggage reclaim and passport control, transfer between terminals,
then check in and clear security for your outbound flight.

Connecting time

When booking your ticket, always mind a minimum connecting time.
Check how much time you have between flights to travel between teminals, to perform security procedures...

Minimum transfer time recommended by "easyCDG":
60 minutes intra Terminal 1/2/3
75 minutes between terminals 1 and 2
90 minutes between terminals 1/2 and Terminal 3.

Minimum connection times
Only apply if you have booked a through-ticket and any baggage is checked through to your final destination.


To final destination
Your airline should give you all the boarding cards you need, including those for any connecting flights.
Most of the time, your baggage will be checked-through to your final destination.
Please confirm this with your airline as not all carriers offer this service.
→ Follow the "Correspondances/Flight Connections" signs as soon as you arrive at CDG, proceed directly to your boarding gate,
do not collect your luggage.

To Paris-CDG
In the event that your baggage is not checked-through or if you booked your flights separately to create your own flight connection,
you will have to pick up your baggage at CDG and recheck-in with the airline which operates your connecting flight.
→ Follow "Baggage/Exit" as soon as you arrive at Paris-CDG then proceed landside to your departure terminal.

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What to do?

→ Upon disembarkation of the aircraft, follow the signs marked "Correspondances/Flight Connections".
→ in the arrivals corridor check your boarding pass and confirm departure information (terminal, gate number, flight schedule)
with airport monitors for last minute updates.

Where do I go?

→ Carry on following the signs to your departure terminal.
The procedure for connecting flights depends on where you're flying to and from.
Visit our step-by-step passenger guide for details.

You are strongly recommended to get to your boarding gate as early as possible

Immigration for connecting passengers

Do you have to go through passport control (French Border) at Paris-CDG?
Please check our dedicated information page.

Security check

All passengers transferring from non-Schengen countries have to go through the security control.
To ensure a smooth security control, please pack all liquids and sharp items into your baggage going into the hold.
You may carry through security control only few liquids in containers smaller than 100 ml.
More information on Security